Tamrat Gezahagne Gero | Visual Artist | Ethiopia

Tamrat is a prolific visual artist from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His art focuses on indigenous thoughts, cultures and rituals. By paying attention to traditions that surround him, he feeds his innate need to connect these spirits and knowledge with other counter cultures in harmony.

He recently became attracted to the study of indigenous knowledge and wisdom and is absorbed with certain aspects of tradition such as dress, sayings, cultures, medicines, judiciary systems, beliefs in spirit and so on. The essence he derives from the examination of these studies is an experiment to discover new ideas.

Tamrat 1
Courtesy of Tamrat Gezahagne


His focus is on the people of Ethiopia living around the Omo Valley. Moreover, existing and ancient societies around the North, West and South Africa and in various parts of the world that manifest indigenous knowledge are also his motivations.

Tamrat will be travelling to Spain to take up his residency at JIWAR.

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