Many organisations employ permanent staff to manage their bookkeeping, payroll, Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Standard Income Tax on Employees (SITE) and Value Add Tax (VAT) functions.  This is generally a much more expensive way to deliver these vital services. Until an organization reaches a critical threshold of staff and monthly payments, it is cheaper and more efficient to outsource these functions.

We have designed our services to meet the exact transactional needs of your organization.   The following reflects our cost structure for each service: 


The following cost structure is the monthly fee for tracking day-to-day financial transactions (income and expenses) and to produce a monthly management report.

0 – 25           transactions R3000

26 – 50         transactions R5000

51 – 75         transactions R7000

76 – 100       transactions R9000

101 – 150     transactions R11000

151 – 200     transactions R13000


Payroll and Tax

Ensuring that your payroll is taken care of on time, every month, may be challenging, and we can take care of this for you as you focus on your organisation’s core functions.

This service includes the payment of all staff salaries including income tax, PAYE, SITE & UIF (Unemployment Insurance fund) returns, EMP201s (Employer reconciliation declaration), annual IRP5s (Employee tax certificates), as well as the printing of pay slips.

Cost: R900 per month for 0-10 employees.  Then R80 for each additional employee.

We charge R650 per month if the service excludes EMP201, IRP5 then R65 per additional employee

VAT registration (registering your organization for VAT with SARS)

Cost: R540 once off

PAYE/UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund)/SDL (Skills development levy) registration with SARS

Cost: R540 once off


What is our margin on the costs above?

SARS does not charge for any of the registrations so the margin would be the difference between what AC is willing to pay the person doing the service and the fee charged to the customer.  So if the person doing the registration is paid R240 for doing so, then AC will receive R300 for the service etc. The rate is what accounting companies charge for the same services.


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