Richard Mudariki | Visual Artist | Zimbabwe

Born 1985 in Zimbabwe, Richard is a full time professional painter who lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied under the mentorship of renowned painter Helen Lieros and Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta in Harare. Known for his original modernist paintings full of social commentary on various issue in Africa, he has participated in various major exhibitions in South Africa, Germany, London and Zimbabwe.


Ricahard Mudariki 2


“As a visual artist,” he says, “l have developed a sixth sense and a third eye to create images of art that have creative meaning and are engaging. My goal in creating art is very simple – to organically create original works of art whilst enjoying the creative process. I am greatly concerned with understanding my medium and creating artworks that are bold, ambitious, enlightening, challenging but at the same times delights the eye. My desire is to create art that stands on its own and that has a strong universal message.”

Richard describes his paintings as semi realistic. He work with oil and acrylic paint on canvas, board or paper.


He holds a Hon. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies. He will be taking up residency in late 2016 at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami USA.

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