Poetry Mash-Up

Badilisha Poetry X-Change is attempting its very first poetry mash-up on Twitter and we would love for you to be a part of it. A poetry mash-up is the artful combination of content from different poets to collaboratively create a new poem. The mash up will be taking place Thursday – 6th November at 8.30pm till 9.pm. The theme is African identity.

How will it work? We will have four poets participating in this mash-up. The poets will have five minutes each to tweet as many poetweets (poetry + tweets) within this time limit. NB: each poetweet needs to be 105 characters or less and must be hashtagged with #hearAfrica. The tweeting will happen in a specific order – to be announced once all poets have confirmed participation. For example, Poet A will start the mash-up and tweet as much as possible within five minutes, then Poet B will tweet in response to Poet A’s tweets, and then Poet C will tweet in response to Poet A and B and then it will be Poet D’s turn to do the same.

The challenge is to have four poets create a cohesive poem within 20 minutes. We hope you are up for the challenge!

The mash-up will be followed by #micropoems (1 tweet only with the hashtag #HearAfrica on the theme of African identity) by other poets and participants between 9pm and 9:30pm. We’re hoping the pressure we’ve put the selected four poets under will encourage you to add your voice.

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