AIR 2017 Application Guidelines

Africa Centre
October 16, 2017
Posted by Wanjiru Koinange
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(Click here to download these guidelines. These guidelines are only applicable to our General Call for applications. Click here for a guide to the Bellagio Center applications.)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 16th, 2017

The Artists In Residency (AIR) Programme accepts submissions from emerging, mid-career and senior level artists across artistic discipline i.e. visual arts, performing arts, curatorial practice, performing arts, music, creative writing and literature who are either self-taught or formally trained in their respective discipline.


Applicants must:

  • Be over 21 years of age;
  • Have a valid passport;
  • Be from the African continent and must minimally reside in Africa for six months of the year, and
  • Display a high proficiency in English


Applicants are shortlisted by a panel of AIR staff, strategic partners and seasoned art practitioners (curators, collectors, and art critics) who form part of the extensive Africa Centre network. Artists will be shortlisted based on the quality of their work/portfolio, written narrative (i.e. the ability to adequately process and respond to the application questions) as well as their previous experience and history of developing artistic work that advances social change and transformation in their communities.


Applications can be made through the following avenues

1. Online Applications Portal:

Visit the Africa Centre AIR website to apply via our Online Application Portal

2. E-mail Application:

Download the AIR application form and send your application directly to Please ensure that all attachments are less than 5MB. Be sure to add the artistic discipline you are applying under i.e. visual arts/performing arts; music, etc followed by a dash and your full name in the email subject field. If your attachments are larger than 5MB, you can upload them using Google Drive and share a link to the folder with us.





The Bundanon property is located on 1,100 hectares of pristine bushland overlooking the Shoalhaven River, near Nowra, two and a half hours south of Sydney. This backdrop provides an inspirational haven for artists to pursue their practice. Bundanon Trust’s AIR programme supports the development of artists’ new work, research and collaboration. Bundanon was given to the Australian people in 1993 by Arthur Boyd, one of Australia’s most eminent painters of the late 20th Century.

Genre /discipline of artists the residency attracts: Open to professional artists from all disciplines.

Special amenities inclusive in the residency: Separate studio space; high-speed internet access; transport once a week into local town for shopping supplies; and travel assistance from the nearest transport hub to the Bundanon property. The cost of food and local transport is not covered in this residency.

Requirements for artists seeking a place in the residency: The applicant needs to be self-sufficient and have the ability to work independently in a remote, quite isolated location in a regional area with little access to shops or a business centre.

 Dates of the residency: 6th August 2018 – 3rd September 2018.




The Fountainhead Residency was founded by collectors Dan and Kathryn Mikesell in early 2008. Later in 2008 they opened The Fountainhead Studios, which now provides over 41 Miami-based artists with affordable, flexible studio space. In 2012, they opened The Fountainhead Haus, which provides 5 Miami-based artists unique working and collaborative space. The Fountainhead Residency was founded with several goals; to provide artists an opportunity to find new inspiration (a fountainhead), to introduce visiting artists to Miami’s art community and its many supporters, and to infuse Miami with artistic inspiration from around the world, enabling the local our art institutions based in Miami to realise more ambitious shows.

Genre /discipline of artists the residency attracts: Emerging artists to well-established visual artists.

Special amenities inclusive in the residency: Living and working accommodation; studio visits by local art professionals; introduction to Miami’s art community; access to museums and private collections; and a collaborative, engaging and supportive environment.

Selection Criteria: Dedication to their practice; open-mindedness; a desire to interact with other artists in residency and our community; and willingness to be a part of a family.

Provisional dates of the residency: 2The specific dates will be discussed with the AIR award laureate.




Sacatar provides selected artists of all creative disciplines the opportunity to create new work and to interact and/or collaborate within the rich cultural heritage of Bahia, Brazil. Sacatar occupies a 9000sm oceanfront property on the island of Itaparica, a forty-minute boat ride from Salvador, the colonial capital of Brazil and the crucible of African-Brazilian culture.

Genre /discipline of artists the residency attracts: The opportunity is open to artists of any discipline

Special amenities inclusive in the residency: A private suite; a separate studio appropriate to the artist’s discipline and additional logistic support, including meals (except Saturday evenings, Sundays and Brazilian holidays); laundry service and local contacts consistent with the artist’s interests.

Provisional dates of the residency: The residency will take place during one of the following time slots:

  • 9 April – 4 June 2018
  • 11 June – 6 August 2018
  • 20 August – 15 October 2018
  • 22 October – 17 December 2018

Duration of residency: Eight weeks




Jiwar Creation and Society is a project that finds its inspiration from the Mediterranean tradition of Jiwar, an Arab word which literally means neighbourhood. Jiwar refers to the art of establishing a creative and sustainable relation between neighbours in a district. Located in a heritage house in the city of Barcelona, Jiwar Residence offers a unique platform for inter-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange and is open to all professionals who create and reflect on urban space, and whose work uses the city as a material for inspiration or investigation.

Genre /discipline of artists the residency attracts: JIWAR admits emerging artists from all genres. 

Special amenities inclusive in the residency: Free internet access, coordination work to facilitate the creative process of every resident, contact with media, once a week cleaning. At least one event is organized around the project of the selected resident. Through the support of the African Arts Trust, JIWAR will cover the residency costs for the selected artists.

Duration of residency: Six weeks

Provisional dates of residency: Open. Specific dates will be discussed with the successful candidate.

Residency expectations: Jiwar invites the residents to organize an event whereby they can showcase and share their project to local audience and professionals. This showcase could be in the form of an open studio, performance, readings, exhibition, etc, depending on the nature of the resident’s project. The selected artists will also be required to give an artwork.

Website:  &



Founded with one sponsored studio in 1994, ISCP has grown into an internationally recognized institution that has hosted over 1,250 artists and curators from more than 75 countries. ISCP runs New York’s oldest and most comprehensive international residency program for artists and curators. In 2008, ISCP moved from Manhattan to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to an 18,000 square-foot former factory. This move expanded ISCP’s facilities to 35 studios, an exhibition gallery and a project space.

ISCP is a leading nonprofit, residency-based contemporary art institution for emerging to mid-career artists and curators from around the world. With more than 30 artists and curators in residence at all times, the program provides residents with the space, time, and support to develop new projects. With additional activities tailored for professional development and public engagement, ISCP serves as an important platform for producing, presenting and contextualizing contemporary art through a diverse range of international perspectives. ISCP’s public programs encourage dialogue and integrate residents into the cultural community of New York City. The residency is funded in part by the Dennis Elliott Founder’s Fund and by Tauck Ritzau Innovative Philanthropy.

Genre /discipline of artists the residency attracts: Mid-late career visual artists

Special amenities inclusive in the residency: Special amenities inclusive in the residency: The residency includes 24-hour access to a private furnished studio space, regular studio visits from visiting critics, and an advisor; field trips to museums, galleries and other cultural institutions; and participation in ISCP talks.

The residency award includes participation in ISCP, a stipend for accommodation and living expenses in New York City and round-trip economy airfare between the country in which the awarded artist is in residence and New York City. The cost of insurance, visa, food and local transportation is not included in this residency.

Duration of residency: 3 months

Provisional dates of residency: June 1 to August 31, 2018

Residency expectations: ISCP requires that all residents are onsite a minimum of 20 hours per week and participate in programmatic activities.