Fundraising Strategy

Determining how to approach fundraising can be complex and confusing. We assist your organisation to determine the right strategy and design an appropriate solution to be implemented by you, or with our support. This process supports your organisation’s ability to clarify its programme and funding needs by detailing the budgets that are required to fulfil objectives and to ensure correct positioning in the funding marketplace.

Cost: This service is part of our full package or can be quoted on an hourly basis.

Grant Writing

Soliciting donors is a necessary part of the strategy for your NGO or social enterprise and should be based on clearly articulated objectives, while reflecting the core intention of your organisation. What is the social problem you are trying to address? What is your solution and how is it different to anyone else’s? How can donors trust that you will be good stewards of their investment? Our grant proposals position your organisation to achieve the best results possible.


  • Model grant proposal – this can be used as the basis to draft all other proposals: R10,000
  • Subsequent proposals – R2,000 per proposal
  • Fundraising Applications – many donors have a formal application process, which requires additional information beyond the grant proposal as defined above. Each application is different and often requires new information to be written about the soliciting organisation.

Cost: This service can be quoted on an hourly basis and is dependent on the specific application requirements

Donor Research:

We have access to a large database of potential local and international donors that includes corporations, foundations and government agencies. We deliver a list of potential donors, the contact details, what their processes of solicitation require, timeframes for submissions and suggest an approach for your request.


  • 10 Potential Donors – R5,000
  • 20 Potential Donors – R10,000
  • 30 Potential Donors – R15,000

Donor tracking and follow-up

Tracking and chasing grant requests and applications are a necessary part of the process of fundraising. Donors require constant follow-up until a clear yes or no is received. This process requires effort and diligence if results are to be achieved.

Cost: This service can be quoted on an hourly basis and is dependent on how many potential donors must be pursued.

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