We offer a range of fundraising services including: strategy, donor research (local & international), grant writing and donor tracking and follow-up. These services may be purchased individually or collectively, in an effort to support your needs.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & communications remains one of the most vital aspects to any business, including in the NPO and social enterprise sectors. We offer our expertise in social media campaigns, website design and other below-the-line services. 

Financial Management

Effective financial management is at the core of every successful venture. We can support your financial forecasting, planning, budgeting, management and reporting, in line with the needs of your organisation.

Co-working offices

Office space with established infrastructure, collegial environs, and colleagues to bounce ideas off, are all aspects that support a creative and empowering work setting. Our offices are situated in the hub of Cape Town, close to public transportation, restaurants and other shops.


We provide a range of services, which include bookkeeping, payroll processing, VAT filing, audit preparation and monthly management reports.

Human Resources

Recruiting, training and retaining talented staff will define your long-term success. We offer a range of human resource services including: recruitment, staff development, annual reviews, employee contracts, policies and procedures, and other staff related needs.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Measuring and evaluating your impact is critical to any organisation trying to enact social change. Understanding your organisation’s effectiveness is also a key driver of fundraising success. We can help you structure a monitoring and evaluation process to suit your needs and financial constraints.


We have access to the necessary expertise and skills to ensure that your NGO or social enterprise meets the required registration regulations. We can also assist with labour disputes, contractual issues and other legal requirements.


Technology is the key to functioning communications within an organisation, as well as keeping track, storing and preserving your data. We offer database management, as well as all your day-to-day computer and telecommunications needs.
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