We will work with you to ensure that your organisation meets and fulfils all legal requirements for a not-for-profit entity, by assisting with related legal matters.     Our legal services range from registration and set-up process for your organisation to legal compliance related to NPO status, Section 18a, to your labour disputes or contractual issues.

Cost: R400- R1000 per hour per NPO legal registration issues

Cost R250 per hour for labour or contractual disputes or 25% of the gross value of the amount awarded or as agreed between the parties.


Please contact us for a consultation to assess your needs.


What are our margins on the services above?

Registering an NPO with members is R475

Registering an NPO without members and has a standard Memorandum of Incorporation is R175.

Registering an NPO without members and has a customized Memorandum of Incorporation is R475

Law society of South Africa gives a rate of R235 per hour +R175 = R410

In general, for all services where an external consultant is used I think a % commission should be charged on invoice should be settled e.g. AC receives 35% of invoice charged to customer by consultant?

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