Financial Management

Effective financial management is at the core of every successful social venture. We can support your financial forecasting, planning, budgeting, management and reporting, in line with the needs of your organization. Our services include:



Organisational and project budgeting is critical when both applying for funding and for managing your resources once these funds are received. Inaccuracies can severely impact your delivery. We will help you think through all your project/s financial needs over a set delivery period, ensuring that it is an accurate reflection of your project activities and that it can be tracked appropriately as per funder requirements.


Financial Forecasting

Effective cash flow management is vital to project delivery and overall organisational management.  We can help you develop a clear and relevant forecasting tools to suit your operational needs.


Financial Reporting

Whether you require monthly management reports, quarterly board statements or annual donor reporting, we can assist you in designing and developing the financial reports best suited to your organisational needs. We are not an auditing firm but can assist in preparing your business for an audit, thereby minimising the time and expense of conducting a full audit.

Cost: All the financial management services are R850 per hour

Please contact us for a consultation to assess your needs.


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